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Asking the (Sustainable Consumption) Professionals!
Student-led interviews/panel discussions with practitioners to help students understand the skills and knowledge needed for sustainable consumption professionals.

By: Eva Heiskanen (University of Helsinki)

Session type: Single session, Graduate level, Small/Medium/Large size


  • Reflexivity exercise

  • Learning from practitioners


Introduction to the teaching example:

The purpose of this session is to help students learn the competencies required to be sustainable consumption professionals. Additionally, students brainstorm about the practical aspects of what they can and cannot acquire in university and what they may do to improve their learning and skills.


Researchers, policymakers, marketers, product developers, and providers of public services are just a few examples of practitioners that can be invited to participate in the interviews. Students can interview the practitioners individually or as a group. If the student group is large, practitioners can be invited to a panel discussion and “interviewed” in class and as a group. Interviews can be conducted by students, or they can pose questions for the panel discussion in advance. The questions they pose ought to provide some insight into the kinds of expertise and capacities they'll require for their upcoming employment in the field of sustainable consumption. This information can be used to inform a discussion on the capacities needed for professionals in the field and how they are applied.

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