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Capturing Sustainable Energy Solutions on Camera
Working in groups to develop short films that showcase a people-based solution to UK energy problems, developing strategic thinking for sustainability solutions, as well as communication skills.

By: Tom Hargreaves (University of East Anglia)

Session type: Multiple session, Undergraduate level, Small/Medium/Large size


  • Energy consumption

  • Communication

  • Experience-based learning


Introduction to the teaching example:

The objectives of this exercise are for students to gain experience and group work competencies, to comprehend and practice communicating science to a broad range of audiences as well as to discover and offer solutions to current energy and sustainability concerns.


In order to provide a "people-based solution to UK energy challenges," students create short, 3-minute videos in groups over the period of a few weeks after being taught film production skills. 


The first assignment for students is to come up with their own unique suggestions for people-based energy solutions. They are then divided into groups according to how similar their suggestions are. They must then work in groups to polish their ideas and proposals before pitching them to potential investors at a Dragons Den or Shark Tank event and finally creating a short video about them.  The students’ films are then assessed at a film screening occasion at the conclusion of the semester.

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