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It’s All About the Message: Promoting Sustainability through Communication Design
In this activity, students develop communication design strategies, concepts and collateral for a public campaign supporting a sustainability topic,  in collaboration with external stakeholders.


By: Doreen Donovan (University of South Australia)

Session type: Multiple sessions, Undergraduate level, Small size


  • Communication design

  • Biodiversity

  • Personal consumption

  • Learning from practitioners


Introduction to the teaching example:

This activity helps students to gain knowledge on how to include sustainability-related themes in design projects while considering possible responsibilities and impacts as a professional working in the design sector.


Greenpeace Asia-Pacific provides advice to students on a number of the organization's main sustainability efforts. After that, the students come up with design concepts for media pieces that promote the issues and encourage collective sustainable efforts. Students create a suite  of communication materials for their sustainability action campaign, including print and social media content. The students finish their campaign collateral and complete a paper that explains their approach informed by feedback from the instructor and classmates. One student's work features in a public campaign when Greenpeace Asia-Pacific selects the best submissions.

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